Face shields in RLP only allowed in exceptions?

June 6, 2020

Today it was announced that in Rhineland-Palatinate face shields are only considered as an alternative to an altags mask in exceptional cases.

The decision comes confusingly, because last week face shields were recognised as an alternative in other federal states.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, hundreds of companies have already equipped their employees with face shields, as it is an enormous physical strain to wear masks for long periods of time.

We ourselves have also manufactured about 60% of our face shields for various small companies in the region. For the time being, these are no longer allowed, so we will only produce for the surgeries and clinics where face shields are used as additional protection.

If the state government sticks to its ban or the mask requirement is abolished in general, we will take back all the face shields and recycle them into new products.

Milan von dem Bussche

Milan keeps track of our projects (at least he pretends to). At QiTech Industries, Milan engineers and develops our machines and manages the finances (at least he does his best).

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