Recycle industrial waste into new granules

June 16, 2020

The first hurdle for recycling is the path from plastic waste to granulate.

Granulate is finely shredded plastic that is ready for processing into a new product. In recycling, we often speak of "recyclate".

Here we have a pile of industrial waste from a large plastics company in Ingelheim processed into granulate.

Industrial waste is particularly practical for recycling because you don't have to sort or wash it.

The plastic is ASA, which we will now use for a few 3D printing experiments.

The first hurdle for recycling is the shredding of plastic into granulate.

Milan von dem Bussche

Milan keeps track of our projects (at least he pretends to). At QiTech Industries, Milan engineers and develops our machines and manages the finances (at least he does his best).

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