New Machine / 80 Face shields per day!

April 10, 2020

From now on we can produce more than 80 face shields per day.

We have been setting up an injection moulding production line for the last few days because we were much too slow with 3D printers. Many hospitals and other organisations have asked us because there is simply hardly any protective clothing left or it is only sold at exorbitant prices.

The whole thing was only possible thanks to David Thönnes, engineer and founder of Artme 3D, who brought us the parts and explained everything about injection moulding.

Thanks to the team from @Plasticprenur , they sent us the milled metal mould from Austria! Plasticprenur builds ingenious machines that recycle plastic worldwide.

Thanks to the Red Cross Guntersblum, who organised the Compressor for us. Without it, production would be at a standstill!

Milan von dem Bussche

Milan keeps track of our projects (at least he pretends to). At QiTech Industries, Milan engineers and develops our machines and manages the finances (at least he does his best).

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