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During the Corona crisis, when all international logistics chains collapsed, we converted our production within one week. Using injection moulding, we were able to produce up to 300 visors per day in 3-shift-operation from locally collected plastic waste.

We donate 50% of the production to charitable organisations.

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2500+ Donated

Wir donate 50 % of our production to #Corona-Heroes.

In March, we started producing visors with our 3D printers. Since then, we have built up a small injection moulding production and can produce up to 300 visors per day. We produce the visor holders from plastic waste that we collect locally and shred.

2 Day

Every order will be shipped on the same day


Each mount is made from bottle caps and shampoo bottles that we collect and shred locally.

Extra Foils

With each face shield we send 2 extra foils in case something happens.

We support charitable organisations (Red Cross, Caritas, Tafel ...) and produce visors for them free of charge. We process the requests chronologically and donate 50% of our production.

For private individuals, institutions and companies we have set the price at 7 €.

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The foil of the visors is removable so that you can disinfect them properly.

The width is adjustable by repositioning the buttonhole elastic on the sides. When the visors are no longer needed, we take them back and recycle them into cool new products.

Similar visors are currently selling for £10 on ebay. We do not allow the resale of our visors.


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