The dump is no destination.

We recycle plastic into new products

QiTech Filament

100% Recycled 3D-Printing Filament

We recycle production waste from large factories into high quality 3D printing filament.

We sort, wash and shred the plastics and then melt them into 3D printing filament with our self-built machines.

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QiTech Industries

Make your own 3D printing filament

Our JARVIS ecosystem consists of compact modular machines that allow you to make your own 3D printing filament.

Even from plastic waste.

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The advantage of local recycling:We could help directly

Our Face Shield Produktion







During the Corona crisis, when all international logistics chains collapsed, we converted our production within one week. Using injection moulding, we were able to produce up to 300 visors per day in 3-shift-operation from locally collected plastic waste.

We donate 50% of the production to charitable organisations.

How we make face shieds


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