The team behind the birth
of QiTech Industries


Development & Engineering

Milan keeps track of our projects (at least he pretends to).

At QiTech Industries, Milan engineers and develops our machines and manages the finances (at least he does his best).



Malte is responsible for any hardware, especially electronics, and always knows when to use which part (but not always how). He is passionate about everything that involves gears, motors and circuits.

Together with Milan he always tries to achieve the most efficient design and well functioning concepts, besides he is considered a part-time Shakespeare at QiTech Industries, especially when he corrects Milan's texts.


Marketing & Branding

Noel creates, designs, overthinks, and redesigns the graphics and brand for QiTech Industries. A real deadline junkie, Noel has the ability to be hyper-efficient at night.

Aside from creating websites, mockups, and animations, he is an aspiring meme artist.


Coding & Webdesign

Our code alchemist is Christoph. When his code doesn't work, he doesn't sleep, so basically he never sleeps.

But when his code works, it is absolute magic.
Every line of code behind JARVIS has been written and rewritten at least once by Christoph.

Other  Team-Members


Coding & Software


Head of Production

The beginnings of Industries

QiTech Industries originally started as an educational project with the goal of expanding the skills and experience of all of us as much as possible. In the context of starting a business, we wanted to overcome any challenges in the way of developing our first machine and grow from them in the best we could.

Continued development of our idea

With the time and progress we have made from there, QiTech Industries has mutated into a full-blooded startup. Since we have increasingly realized that our developments are actually being used in a concrete way and fulfill an essential benefit for our customers, the main priority is to achieve the best price-performance ratio ever for our products.

Just a basic student startup

A large part of the money we earn from sales is reinvested in the production and development of our machines.The rest is not paid out to any investors, but instead goes into the (further) development of our ecosystem or research. What is not included in the price are the labor costs. Why? We don't have any. Everything we sell is handmade by us founders, without us paying ourselves anything.

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