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High quality recycled filament

3D Printing & Sustainability - High quality filament, produced with our own JARVIS machines and wound on recycled master spools. Everything Made in Darmstadt!

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We guarantee tolerances
under +/- 0.05 mm


Our filament is made from 100% plastic waste, which we shred and recycle.
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Why we make our spool from recycled bottle caps

We produce reusable spools from recycled bottle caps, which we separate by color with our sorting machine and process into new spools with injection molding. So you never have to throw away disposable spools again - as soon as the spool is empty, you can simply refill it with a filament refill.

Currently, our store is only available in Germany until May

Recyceltes QiTech Filament

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What's the reason for the €10 extra cost for a Masterspool

We produce our own spools and yes, we could probably offer them for less than €10. But we want to put an end to the pointless sending and throwing away of disposable coils. That's why our refills are particularly affordable.

We believe in the vision that you can only have one spool and then use refills.

In addition, you can also download all the necessary 3D printing files for our Masterspool for free and print it yourself.

Du hast Interesse an unserem Filament?

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Für Geschäftskunden bieten wir jetzt schon unsere PETG Filamente bei Abnahme von mindestens 10 KG an. Aktuell nutzten wir unsere Filament-Extrusionslinien im Labor auch für Machbarkeitsstudien und Materialanalysen für Unternehmen und Institute. Wir produzieren Filamente aus speziellen technischen Kunststoffen und Compounds. Einfach unter info@qitech.de melden.

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Frequently asked questions

We also provide weekly insights into our production on social media

You make the filamet spools yourselves with an injection moulding machine?!

Yeah, we've built an injection moulding machine and milled several shapes for spools, so we can now recycle bottle cap granulate into master spools. We are even expanding the whole process with a new machine.

Here is a video of the spool production (Please Note that this is an old video! Update video coming soon)

How is your filament produced?

First, we grind the plastic waste into fine granulate with our shredder. We then dry the pellets and fill it into our self-made Extruder. There, the plastic melts at around 200° and is pressed through a Nozzle. The filament that comes out of the Nozzle is then cooled with our Airpath and, monitored by our laser measurement to guarantee a uniform diameter.
In the final step, the finished filament is then perfectly wound onto spools using our JARVIS Winder.

You can also read about the whole process in our How-To on filament production!

Do you accept empty filament spools?

Yes. However, we do not accept empty coils to refill.

We don't believe in a future where we keep sending the black single-use plastic coils across Germany. We believe in our #MasterSpool Concept.

What do you do with empty filament spools then?

They go into the shredder. We receive high-quality PC or ABS PC that we are currently collecting so that we can use it to injection mold new master coils. Currently, our masterspools consist of bottle caps. In the future, we want to make new master coils from the PC material from old coils. We don't have enough material for that yet, but that would be a cool statement.

Do you pay for the shipping of empty filament spools to your place in Darmstadt?

No. We don't think it makes sense for private people to send 1–2 coils queer through Germany for recycling. We believe that in the future, local makerspaces will prevail as collection points.

Currently, we collect coils mainly from business customers who switch to our Masterspools and surrounding companies. If you have too many spools lying around and recycling them is worth the shipping costs, you can send the spools to our factory in Darmstadt.

Do you build all the machines for filament production yourselves? Do you sell them as well?

Yes, we have been developing the JARVIS Filament Line for the last 3 years, specifically to process recycled plastics. JARVIS consists of modular machines for the production of 3D printing filament, which we design and build (in-house) in our factory in Darmstadt. We have now delivered over 70 machines to 14 different countries and can count FORD, BMW and numerous universities among our customers.

Is everything made in Germany?

Yes, we produce every roll of filament in our own workspace in Darmstadt. Feel free to visit us on YouTube or Facebook/Instagram to get an insight into the production process.

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